About Us

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About Us

“You would not believe the misinformation and outdated strategies we just heard today at a supposedly Small Business Expo sponsored by our state government. There just has to be a better way to help small business owners.”

This experience was the genesis of 101SmallBusinessMastermind.Com. the founders have many years of small business experience, both successful and not successful plus we want to share with all who can benefit.

Our group of battle-tested entrepreneurs has the best of both worlds;
   • Common sense from our years of experience
   • Latest technology available to small business owners

101smallbusinessmastermind.com group has 4 guidelines:

1. Share with each other
   • What we have learned from our successes and failures
2. Learn the latest best practices
   • From our members, our guests, our visitors and our research
3. Help each other
   • Grow their business
4. A learning destination to visit regularly
   • Receive common sense advise on your challenges
   • Share what you have learned that could benefit other small business owners

101SmallBusinessMastermind.Com is exactly what we wish we had when we were starting our small business...

To quote Dr. Ivan Misner from Fox Business Small Business Center:
“…ask yourself, have you helped further the entrepreneurial dreams of another?... Could you help change someone’s life? I bet you could.”

We want to help further your entrepreneurial dreams and have a positive effect on you plus your family’s life.

About the author

Currently working on the web building money making websites Mr. Brusso has an BSEE degree and over 30 years of work experience; both in big business and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the holder of many patents, created inventions, build companies and moved them out into the public. His skill sets span engineering, technical, entrepreneurial, and business; so he has a good foundation in these market areas. He also is very versed on Internet business and technology.

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