Podcast 101 Our new adventure

September 2nd, 2018 No Comments

We talked about closing Franks meetup group. How to mirror impulse buys from the grocery store to a website sales model.

Also, we discussed the closing of Franks meetup group but before that ends he gives us 5 important realities for up and coming luminaries.

We had a great why they make millions… start a business or grow a business which is a must-see for entrepreneurs… finally, we discussed our new adventure plus the new space force. Enjoy!!!!


0:00 to  3:10        Increasing your ticket price for sales
3:10 to  9:39        Meetup group status
9:39 to  28:45     5 important things
28:45 to 55:32    Why they make millions and you don’t “start a business or grow a business?”
55:32 to 1:02      Our new adventure!
1:02 to                 Space force!


Direct link to start or grow a business:
The defenders


About the author

Currently working on the web building money making websites Mr. Brusso has an BSEE degree and over 30 years of work experience; both in big business and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the holder of many patents, created inventions, build companies and moved them out into the public. His skill sets span engineering, technical, entrepreneurial, and business; so he has a good foundation in these market areas. He also is very versed on Internet business and technology.


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