Our 100th Podcast!

August 16th, 2018 No Comments

We had a great guest Robert Musterer with his new career site. It will be a fantastic resource for all ages and with their careers! Fathers, mothers, and others will find this very interesting and a fantastic resource for their lives!


Time Code
0:00 to 4:11 Intro and our 100th podcast talk
4:11 to 6:03 Robert Musterer Background and Robert Musterer
6:03 to 9:27 Ulticareer website
9:27 to 12:03 Website video
12:03 to 16:30 Open discussion about Ulticareer
16:30 to 18:31 Mark Jardino story on building his website
18:31 to 19:36 All about how to build Ulticareer website
19:36 to 26:33 Frank’s input
26:33 to 27:58 Book talk
27:58 to 33:06 More on the website and career talks and Richard Bentley
33:06 to 36:08 Frank on his meetup group and what he studies now! Very powerful stuff… They make millions and you don’t
36:08 to 36:47 Passion
36:47 to 38:25 How to ID your passion that someone will pay you for!
38:25 to 41:12 Career talk and mentors plus passion
41:12 to 45:02 More Frank on his million dollar studies and success
45:02 to 45:02 More thoughts on business, business plans, and a “career plan”!
45:02 to 48:56 Million dollar chicken salad!
49:02 to 50:17 Mark Jardino on keeping your self-open
50:17 to end


The defenders:
Chicken Salad

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