Podcast 77… Bullfights?

February 26th, 2016 No Comments

Show notes: Due to some technical difficulties we started out with Franks Twin this week, things you can learn from the news… a fantastic section of our podcast and you will learn about Jewish musical artists that make it big and you don’t even know they are Jewish! Next Richard Bentley takes you deep into network marketing for yet another great lesson on how to increase your “plan B” income. We did have an update on network marketing from Frank Seringa too and finally my section on things you didn’t know even exist!

About the author

Currently working on the web building money making websites Mr. Brusso has an BSEE degree and over 30 years of work experience; both in big business and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the holder of many patents, created inventions, build companies and moved them out into the public. His skill sets span engineering, technical, entrepreneurial, and business; so he has a good foundation in these market areas. He also is very versed on Internet business and technology.


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