Podcast 73… Crazy Ex Special Forces Guy!

January 28th, 2016 No Comments

Show notes: We discuss, Loon Copter, Wefuel, Dell and PCs, Uber monitoring drivers, Netflix losing videos, Periscope and Go Pro, IP video search engine. Frank updates us on his new adventure and approaches for MLMs and networking. Dick discusses the fundamentally important things to have for networking. Peter has two fractured business tales (USPS and the VA). Finally our guest Steven Tragash (President, Colloquy LLC / Vistage Chair, CEO Peer Group Leader, CEO Mentor – ‎Vistage Worldwide, Inc.) discusses his new adventure here in Coachella Valley. There are more surprises in the podcast so don’t skip a moment.





0:00 Start
0:12 Intro
0:55 Podcast starts
1:41 Loon
3:44 Dancing Vets
5:51 Spy tool
8:57 Music Drones
12:30 Peters home
13:10 Wefuel
14:14 Uber
15:38 Netflex downfall?
17:30 The death of PC’s?
18:56 Peeping Toms?
20:30 Lily
22:40 Franks update on his new business
28:20 Franks surprising start!
34:06 Dick’s talk on how to network!
44:52 Fractured business tails (PO and VA)
51:13 Steve Tragash our guest… very interesting!
1:04 A super open discussion.. must see!



Guest: Steven Tragash …

Fantastic way to track out of country packages:

Loon Copter

Drones to music video

Get your gas on-demand with new app WeFuel!ED.DX-Sp

We’ll never give up on PCs says Dell!ED.DX8ue

Uber to start monitoring drivers through their phones to see whether they drive safely!ED.DX83k

TV Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in February!ED.DX9NB

Periscope integrates with GoPro to bring live streaming to action cameras!ED.DX9uC

Terrifying IoT Search Engine Lets Us See Inside Strangers’ Homes.

Download Drudge Report(@drudgereportapp) from Google Play Store




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