Podcast #70… What apple tree?

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Show notes: Had a false start and had to restart the podcast! I shared some “appy geek” links first to sweet justice, second Trump wants to kill the Internet, a hacker and self-driving cars, and finally the best seats on the plane! Our twin this week was about an apple tree (Shel Silverstein)! Dick led the entrepreneurial section on preparation. A fractured business tale is next, don’t forget the TP for God’s sake!… wow. What do we sell? Next story is fantastic!


0:00 start
1:04 Sweet Justice
1:51 Trump and the Internet
3:09 Hackers and self-driving cars
6:19 Best seats on the plane
7:55 TWIN all about an apple tree!
15:33 An entrepreneurial less from Dick Bentley on preparation
23:52 A fractured business tale… Don’t forget the TP for God’s sake!
34:59 What do we sell? A tech company!



Trump, Self driving cars, planes, entrepreneurial less, toilet paper, tech companies, Shel Silverstein


Sweet justice!ED.DOi4o
Trump and the Internet!ED.DOVAz
Self-driving car!ED.DOW6f
Best plane seats!ED.DOWO7

TWIN – Hey Shel Silverstein, thank you for the small business lessons

  • Who the heck is Shel Silverstein?
  • He was born in Chicago in 1930
  • He attended U of Illinois but was expelled
  • Shel then became a cartoonist and eventually a writer of children’s books
  • It is his children’s book, The Giving Tree, published in 1964 (51 years ago), that gives us our small business lessons
  • Here is a Plot Summary of The Giving Tree
    • A boy and female apple tree are able to communicate with each other
    • In his childhood, the boy
      • enjoys playing in the tree
      • climbing her trunk
      • swinging from her branches
      • eating her apples
        • and that made the tree happy
      • in his teens, the boy told the tree that he wanted money
        • the tree said, “I don’t have any money, but you can pick and sell my apples and you will get money”
        • the boy did and he was satisfied and the tree was happy
      • in reaching adulthood, the boy tells the tree that he wants a house
        • the tree said, “you can cut my branches and build a house
        • the boy did and he was satisfied and the tree was happy
      • in his middle ages, the boy tells the tree that he wants a boat
        • the tree said, “Cut my trunk and make your boat”
        • the boy did and he was satisfied and the tree was happy
      • the boy, now an old man, meets the tree once more
        • the tree said, “sadly, I have nothing left to give; my apples, branches and trunk are gone and only my stump remains”
        • the boy responds, “all I want is a quiet place to sit and rest”
        • the boy sat on the stump and the tree was happy



  • The metaphor is: your business is the Tree and your Client is the Boy
    • here are 2 small business lessons
  1. Your Customer, like the Boy, may not always know what they want
    • SBL Your Business, as the Tree, is to follow this adage
      • Sell your Customer what they want
      • But deliver to your Customer what they need
      • Your Customer will appreciate you more
  1. Every business is taught to treat their Customer as King
    • Your Business, as the Tree, sacrifices everything for the good of your Customer, as the Boy, even though, in this story, the Boy never expresses his appreciation
      • SBL Customers tend to only appreciate what they pay for; and the more they pay, the more they appreciate
    • Treat your Customer as King, but there are no free rides, get paid for the value you deliver





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Currently working on the web building money making websites Mr. Brusso has an BSEE degree and over 30 years of work experience; both in big business and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the holder of many patents, created inventions, build companies and moved them out into the public. His skill sets span engineering, technical, entrepreneurial, and business; so he has a good foundation in these market areas. He also is very versed on Internet business and technology.


RIP Richard Bentley and Peters new book

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