Podcast #74… Drone Killer

February 5th, 2016 No Comments

Show Notes: Hear active listening ear buds, drone killers, coding boot camps, parcel track, Hear Active Listening ear buds, online notary and Frank had a great TWIN lesson from a person who started a business after the age of 60! Richard gave a great entrepreneur lesson about leadership then we had an open discussion on more leadership traits.




0:00 Intro
0:12 Start
0:35 Self Defense Weapons New Site Update
3:24 Drone Killer
4:19 Top 5 Drones
11:29 Coding Bootcamp
15:13 Online Notary
17:37 Parcel Track
18:49 Ear Buds
20:00 Police Data
22:56 Layoffs
29:11 TWIN
44:19 Entrepreneurial Lesson
51:07 Open Discussion




Drone Killers:

Top drones:

Coding Bootcamps

Parcel Track

Hear Active Listening ear buds….

Yahoo layoff




About the author

Currently working on the web building money making websites Mr. Brusso has an BSEE degree and over 30 years of work experience; both in big business and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the holder of many patents, created inventions, build companies and moved them out into the public. His skill sets span engineering, technical, entrepreneurial, and business; so he has a good foundation in these market areas. He also is very versed on Internet business and technology.


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